We have provided consulting services to airports as suisseplan or as part of an IATA team. We have planned new baggage handling systems, updated and expanded existing ones. We have successfully implemented both simple and highly complex projects. Always on time. Always within budget.

And we continue to do so.

Terminal building of an airport
Airport Zurich-Kloten ZRH

Zurich Airport, Switzerland

The baggage handling system had to be expanded as well as part of the 5th stage of expansion of Zurich Airport. Two new baggage handling systems provided additional capacity. One facility was dismantled, one was refurbished and integrated into the new baggage handling system.

For suisseplan, the project at Zurich Airport was the cornerstone of a success story which continues to this day.

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Airport Wien-Schwechat, VIE

Vienna International Airport, Austria

A new baggage handling system for Terminal 3, expansion of the BLC system, integration of hold baggage screening, conversion of check-in 1 and 2 as well as a new check-in terminal 1A and a check-in at the Wien Mitte railway station. That is project Vienna.

suisseplan was responsible for the planning, the supervision of the implemen-tation and the integration of the systems to create an integrated system.

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Airport Berlin Brandenburg "Willy Brandt", BER

Berlin Brandenburg Airport, Germany

suisseplan Ingenieure AG Logistik was contracted by the project manager to provide planning services for the new baggage handling system at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. A compact system with a high capacity per unit area was planned for the greenfield new construction project.

The finished baggage handling system was completed on time and accepted by the airport in 2012.

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Airport Munich "Franz-Josef-Strauß", MUC

Munich Airport, Germany

Increasing the performance of the baggage handling system in Terminal 2 and the satellite by over 30 % within the existing building envelope and while the system was in operation was one of the most challenging projects of all. All deadlines were met, the system continued to run smoothly and the project came in under budget over the entire upgrade period of four years.

The Airport Project Award attests to the successful undertaking.

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Airport Oslo-Gardermoen, OSL

Other references

  • EU-standard 2 hold baggage screening system at 8 Portuguese airports
  • Terminal expansion at Oslo Airport
  • First EU-standard 3 hold baggage screening system at Munich Airport
  • Study on the baggage handling system in Terminal 1 at London Heathrow
  • Expansion of the baggage handling system Hall C at Frankfurt Airport
  • New baggage handling system at Helsinki Airport
  • Design for a hold baggage screening system at Sydney Airport
  • New baggage handling system at Turin Airport

We are motivated by the success of our projects. 

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