Berlin Brandenburg Airport

The planned baggage handling system with conveyor belts and sorting machines was described as not innovative by various parties. Why not implement a modern tray system for the new airport in the German capital? Because a high sorting capacity was required, and because a high speed system was not required due to the short distances.

If we achieve innovative baggage flow and efficient operation with the most suitable technology for the specified requirements, then we don't mind being called old-fashioned.

Airport Berlin Brandenburg "Willy Brandt", BER

Berlin Brandenburg International

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH

New baggage handling system

2005 - 2011

Projekt investment
approx. 50 million €

Key figures

  • 22 million PAX/year
  • 8,000 PAX / peak hour
  • 6,000 pieces of baggage/h departing
  • 6,000 pieces of baggage/h arriving
  • 112 check-in counters
  • 4 transfer loading stations
  • 2 tilt tray sorters (expansion 6)
  • 30 loading end points (expansion 50)
  • 8 EDS machines (level 1)
  • 5 EDS machines (level 3)
  • 10 baggage claim carousels

suisseplan services

  • Flight schedule forecast
  • Design data
  • Baggage master plan
  • Functional RFP
  • Involvement in awarding process
  • Review of the implementation plans
  • Review of the requirements specifications
  • Site supervision
  • Tests and commissioning
  • Preparing a baggage handling system operating concept