Munich Airport

When the baggage handling system in Terminal 2 reached its capacity limits in 2007, the search for space for an new facility failed. suisseplan suggested determining the feasibility of expanding the existing system, something previously considered to be inconceivable. Jens Quadt, at the time still with Crisplant, was primarily responsible for developing the solutions.

suisseplan insisted on fully planning the retrofitting measures, defining manageable sub projects, detailing the construction stages and actively involving all stakeholders. We are proud of the project's success.

Airport Munich "Franz-Josef-Strauss", MUC

Munich Terminal 2

Terminal 2 Gesellschaft mbH & Co oHG

Baggage handling system capacity expansion

2011 - 2015

Project investment
approx. 160 million €

Key figures

  • 45 km conveyor length (tray system)
  • 4 additional departure carousels
  • 2 additional claim carousels
  • 1 additional transfer loading stations
  • 12,000 pieces of baggage/h sorting capacity
  • 4,600 early check-in baggage storage slots
  • 1,800 additional empty tray storage slots
  • 7,400 trays in the system

suisseplan services

  • Strategic planning
  • Site evaluation for the new systems
  • Solution delivery support
  • Project management
  • Project tracking
  • Site supervision
  • Tests and commissioning