Our design and planning of baggage handling systems help make airports work.

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The team of suisseplan logistik

suisseplan Ingenieure AG Logistik - Backed by design engineers who have dedicated their careers to airport baggage handling processes and systems.

We look after the projects of international customers from our head office in Zurich and our branch office in Munich.

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Baggage transport system at an airport

Our services start when the customer makes an inquiry. Understanding what customers need. Consulting on the project definition. After all, we are the experts.

We continue to support our projects during the initial operating stage, after the accep-tance tests. 

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Terminal building of an airport

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we have become a popular partner for airports when it comes to baggage handling matters.

The fact that our work satisfies the require-ments is proven by the loyalty of our custo-mers. They keep coming back to suisseplan.

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Designing baggage handling system requires more than just technical know-how and experience. It also requires an understanding of how the technology can be optimally matched to the handling processes.

News from suisseplan

Aktuelle Meldungen von suisseplan

Nuremberg chooses suisseplan Ingenieure AG Logistics

August 10 2018– Nuremberg Airport: The Airport Nuremberg GmbH has awarded suisseplan Ingenieure AG the contract for the upcoming rebuilding and extension projects in the BHS. As part of the implementation of the EU standard 3 for the hold baggage screening equipment the existing BHS needs to be modified. The scope of our services includes the design, the supervision of the construction and the commissioning of the modified system.

Aktuelle Meldungen von suisseplan

Midterm of the modernization of the BHS in Terminal 1

August 10 2018 - Munich Airport T1: In 2 of 4 terminal modules, the core piece of the baggage sorting system, the tilt-tray-sorter, has been successfully exchanged and put into operation on time. The project, which was initiated in autumn 2016, is managed by suisseplan Ingenieure AG Logistics through all phases of the project. In September 2018, the remodeling of the BHS in the last 2 modules will be started.

Aktuelle Meldungen von suisseplan

Implementation EU-standard 3 until 2020/2022

July 14 2016According to the EU-Regulation 2015/1998 annex 12.4.2., the authorization of EU-standard 2 expires September 1st 2020. From that date on, only equipment with EU-standard 3 authorization is permitted   to be used in level 1 in the screening process. Under particular circumstances, prolongation until               September 1st 2022 is possible. Nevertheless, we recommend to start the planning works now.

suisseplan Ingenieure AG Logistik has developed a concept for Vienna International Airport and elaborated the detail planning for the exchange of the screening equipment including the necessary modifications in the baggage handling system of Munich Airport and Zurich Airport. We would be proud to advise you in your project. 

Airport Project Award

Airport Project Award

November 3 2015 – Munich Airport: For the "Baggage Handling System Capacity Expansion" project, during which the existing baggage handling system in Terminal 2 was optimized and the capacity was increased by over 30 % over the course of 4 years, the project team received the Airport Project Award 2015 from Flughafen München GmbH. suisseplan played a pivotal role in this project by providing project management and construction su-pervision support to the Terminal 2 company.